Obedient Foot Slave Worships Its Masters Shoes And Socks

obedient foot slave worships shoes and socks

The master snaps his fingers and this obedient foot slave leaps into action worshipping his sneakers and sweaty socks. Good slaves get to worship his bare feet but this one is still learning to serve. Get licking, boy! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Big Licks From An Obedient Foot Slave

The slave wears a mask because its only identy is to be an obedient foot slave. It does not exist otherwise.

It kneels and waits for its master’s bidding. Eyes look down. It is not allowed to look its master in the eyes. Inly allowed to lick its master. And only when its master says.

On this day its master snaps its fingers and points at his beautiful worn running shoe. The slave leaps into action and starts licking every inch of his shoe. It smells its master’s sweaty feet as it licks the sole of that shoe. Devouring anything the master has stepped in. Enjoying the flavor. Because that’s what the master desires.

Today is special because it gets a treat. The master removes his shoe and allows it to sniff and lick his glorious sweaty sock. Damp and smelly from walking around in the afternoon heat. The slave feels a sense of pride as it realizes it is being rewarded. And now that it can lick its masters socks it is one step closer to tasting its master’s bare feet.

One day it will be worthy. But not this day.

Original video here.

What’s your take on this obedient slave licking its masters shoes? Do you love dominant guys who don’t say a word? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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