Daniel Thrasher Feet – 20 Hardcore Sleeping Positions

daniel thrasher feet sleeping positions

19 year old Daniel Thrasher feet in 20 Hardcore Sleeping Positions! This YouTuber shows us his beautiful bare feet while talking about the hilarious sleeping positions nobody does. Love those soles! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Daniel Thrasher Feet In Bed

Daniel tests out his skills as a YouTube funny man in this earlier video documenting funny sleeping positions. And he shows off his beautiful bare feet in the process! There’s even a couple slightly dirty sole shots!

Daniel was 19 years old when this video was shot and his YouTube character hadn’t fully developed. But I’m not one to judge. Especially when he dangles those beautiful soles and toes in front of the camera.

My favorite positions are The Iceberg where we a nice shot of his smooth bare sole. The Running Man with a nice side shot of his sole plus the big toe on his other foot is extended. The Heisman gives us a hint of his slightly dirty sole (apparently he was walking around barefoot as he was filming this and his feet got a little dirty!) And finally, The You’re Doing It Wrong has a lovely sole shot and as a bonus you can make out his taint and nuts through his underwear 🙂

Great to see this handsome young man in his underwear. His smooth chest and slim build are a perfect compliment to those amazing feet!

Original video here.

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