Mason Anderson Feet – Chaosmen Cutie Bares His Soles

mason anderson feet chaosmen

There’s something hot about seeing guy’s feet when he’s not actually showing them to you. And I’m loving Mason Anderson feet over at Chaosmen. This little cutie lets his feet hang out then jacks off all over his furry twink belly. Totally hot! Hit the jump for video and pics!

Mason Anderson Feet – He’s Sexy And He Knows It

Mason Anderson feet alert! He’s sitting on the bed and answering questions before his solo jack-off session for Chaosmen. This furry little twink talks about the things that turn him on while his beautiful bare feet turn us on.

He wiggles his toes and rubs his soles together before stripping down and getting to business. Dude is into showing off and his cock is rock hard right from the start. He hops up on his knees to show off his asshole and bare soles before shooting a thick load of cum all over his belly.

There’s something innocent and natural about this cute little guy and that makes the whole thing even hotter!

I’ll take two!

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Bare Feet In Gay Porn

I love seeing a guy’s feet when he’s fucking! Don’t get me wrong – foot fetish scenes are great. But seeing a guy’s bare feet while he’s have sex turns me on just as much! Especially when the guy has no idea that’s the thing that does it!

I’m always looking for bare feet in gay porn and when I find them… I’l post them here!

What’s your take on Mason Anderson’s feet. Do you want to see more posts that feature beautiful feet visible in porn scenes? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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