Sam Vartholomeos Feet – Bridge And Tunnel S01E01

Sam Vartholomeos Feet

Sam Vartholomeos feet on display in Bridge And Tunnel Season 1 Episode 1. Sam’s character Jimmy was out partying the night before and gets woke up early by his father who needs him to get his ass in gear. Bla bla bla. Just give me more of those beautiful masculine bare feet! Hit the jump for more pics!

Sam Vartholomeos Feet Are Gorgeous

Sam’s character Jimmy is an aspiring photographer who dreams of working for National Geographic one day. His dad tries to keep Jimmy on track by waking him up at the crack of dawn after he’s been out partying. Jimmy rolls over and his masculine bare soles are on display as he tries to reason with his dad.

The rest of the show was pretty meh but holy crap, Sam’s got beautiful feet! They’re wide and meaty with beautiful pink foot prints and pale insteps. You could make a meal out of those puppies! Just delicious.

You might recognize Same Vartholomeos from his other role on Star Trek Discovery where he played Danby O’Connor. He keeps his shoes on in that one though. So, really? Who cares? LOL!

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Bridge And Tunnel Season 1 Episode 1

This dramedy series set in 1980 revolves around a group of recent college grads setting out to pursue their dreams in Manhattan while still clinging to the familiarity of their working-class Long Island home town.

In Episode 1, Jimmy falls back into the arms of his ex-girlfriend Jill, much to the concern of his friends and parents who worry restarting this relationship may derail his future plans as a nature photographer.

Bridge And Tunnel on IMDB.

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