Matthew Paquette Feet – Editor Matt Exposes His Soles

matthew paquette feet

YouTuber Matthew Paquette Feet on display when he unboxes a new monitor. Yup, it’s Matti Haapoja’s editor Matt! Not fired. Running his own channel. And unboxing stuff in his bare feet! Dude’s lanky soles and boney heels look delicous! Hit the jump for more!

Matthew Paquette Feet – How I Color Correct Like A Pro

Remember yesterday? When we featured Mattie Haapoja showing off his bare soles while explaining why he fired his editor Matt? Well this is that Matt!

Matthew Paquette started his own channel and in this episode he’s unboxing a new humongous monitor in his bare feet! This nerdy twink has lean lanky feet with bony heels and high insteps. His meaty soles are clearly defined in the few pics where you can see them. Those feet look delicious!

I love seeing straight guys going about their business in bare feet. Completely unaware that a bunch of gay guys are getting off just by looking at their masculine feet. I have no idea how Matthew would feel about this and frankly I don’t care. He super cute and he’s got amazing feet. That’s enough for me!!

Original video can be seen here.

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What’s your take on editor Matt’s feet? You like looking at straight nerdy twinks showing off their feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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